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Chinese new year gift box

The Chinese new year gift box will include:

  • 6 packs natnat naturally pink coconut water x 330ml
  • 1 bottle natnat organic coconut sap sugar 250g
  • 1 bottle natnat organic extra virgin coconut oil 100ml
  • 1 bottle Pumuen organic wild grown mountain tea 50g

(For Pumuen wild grown mountain tea, you can select from 11 flavors:

Black tea:  assam black, tropical sunset, grape, mango, earl grey, peach

Green tea:  assam green, lychee green, earl grey green

Oolong tea:  assam oolong, lychee oolong)

If the flavour is not specified, our natnat team will recommend one for you

For details of each products, please refer to respective products description in the store.


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