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Extra Virgin Centrifuged Coconut Oil

Organic and Raw

Coconut oil

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Production Process

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The finest 11-month old organically certified coconuts are carefully selected and processed within 48 hours from harvest.
The coconut are shelled, chopped and gently expeller-pressed within 45 minutes and always maintaining at temperature below 40ºC (104ºF), creating raw, unrefined coconut milk.
The coconut milk is spun and separated 3 times through a state-of-the-art centrifuge system, perfectly isolating the raw coconut oil. This raw, extra virgin coconut oil is gently vacuumed into our leak-proof jars within 2 hours from opening of the nuts.




The Gold Standard For The Best Quality Virgin Coconut Oil 

  • A water like oil that has a light aroma and taste.
  • Its light and smooth texture makes it easily absorbed by your skin in seconds! Does not leave a strong coconut aroma.
  • The fresh light aroma ensure only fresh and good quality coconut have been used for the production.
  • Contains 50% lauric acid and 64% of natural MCT. 
  • Maintain most of the antioxidants.




    Comparison Of Virgin Coconut Oil Extraction Method



    Cold Press

    •  Coconut meat is extracted, ground and expeller - pressed to create coconut milk.

    • The whole process kept under 44℃ and completed in 30 minutes.

    •  3 - stage centrifuge: skim milk , phospholipid and oil extractions.

    • Oil is vacuum - dried to reduce moisture to below 0.05%.


    • Ground coconut meat is hot - air - dried at 80℃ or higher.

    • Dried meat pressed in water - cooled expeller at 48℃.

    • Oil filtered or centrifuged.








    Cold Press

    • Natural mild coconut aroma, without contamination with fermentation and heating aromas.

    • Water like oil and thin least "greasy" texture.

    • Can only accept the most fresh coconut.

    • Close to zero peroxide.

    • Real raw and unrefined.

    • Maintain most of the antioxidants of coconut oil.

    • Highest purity of VCO commercially available.

    • Relatively strong heat-generated aroma.

    • Thick "greasy" texture.

    • The strong aroma can allow more flexible use of lesser freshness coconuts because the strong aroma can cover the unfreshness.

    • Has higher peroxide.

    • Not raw, has been contaminated by heating as evidence by the strong aromas that does not exist in fresh coconut meat.

    • The antioxidants loss during drying process.

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