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natnat Organic Coconut Sap Nectar 480g

Coconut sap nectar is derived from coconut flower honey. The sap is the source of nutrient to grow super nutritious coconut.  It can be used for cooking, baking and for drink.  It is perfect as a face mask as well。

  • natnat coconut sap nectar is 100% organic coconut flower honey
  • A low glycemic index of only 35. It could improve glycemic control and is rich in antioxidant.
  • A healthy alternative to conventional honey and is safe for diabetic to consume.
  • It is a vegan friendly honey as it is harvested by man not by bees.


  • 100% pure coconut flower honey

Country of Origin:

  • Philippines 


  • Store at room temperature and avoid direct sunlight.

Best Before Date:

  • 2027


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